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Going to the Next Level

Sponsored by Next Level Ball Player

Next Level Ball Player

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Helpful (And Free) Resource for Serious Baseball Players, Parents and Coaches



We at Farmington Travel Baseball are proud to announce a new partnership with Next Level (NLB) to provide high quality (and free) baseball content to our serious players, parents, and coaches.  Next Level Ballplayer is a nationally recognized baseball website that has been featured on ESPN radio, Sports, and other respected media outlets. 


The majority of articles on NLB are interviews with Major League Baseball players, prospects, and top college coaches giving advice to current ballplayers. Just a few of the topics regularly covered, arm strength, pitching mentality, ballplayer fitness, batting advice, hitting drills, how to get recruited, what college coaches look for, how to be mentally tough, and many more topics to help you take your game to the “Next Level.”


Be sure to subscribe.  It is quick, easy, and completely free. 

The Desire To Improve...


Players: To teach the fundamentals of baseball, correct bad habits, and provide essential tools to becoming a complete player.

Coaches: To provide tools to our coaches to help them make their player reach their full potential.

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